quarta-feira, 25 de março de 2009


"This movie is for me.
There we are, you and me.
Why did you do that?
Or why did I do that?
You made my dream come true.
I asked you for it.
I promised you something in return
and I haven't delivered yet.
You win, I lose.
the path you've set for me
is full of hurdles
where the answer
comes before the question.
Yeah, I do that.
Now I know why.
It's the cure,
from what I've seen here.
It all makes sense.
It makes sense
to those who understand.
So... America,
stealing to eat...
Stalking producers,
actors, 'movie stars',
going to clubs
hoping to see a star,
with my pictures,
karate magazines.
It's all I had.
I didn't speak English.
But I did 20 years of karate.
'Cause before I wasn't like that.
This... This is me today.
I used to be small
and scrawny.
And I took up karate.
Hence the Dojo, hence respect,
thou shall believe
people who say,
It's Samurai code.
It's honor, no lies.
So this guy in the US,
it's not the same thing.
No one says "Oss" to you.
Sometimes people
in show business say, we're gonna *beep* him!
I believed in
people, in the Dojo.
I was blessed
and had a lot of 'wives'.
I always believed in love.
It's hard for a woman
with three kids to say,
"Which one do I love more?"
A mother...
If you have 5, 6, 7
or 10 wives in a lifetime,
they've all got
something special,
but no one cares about that
in the so-called media.
What about drugs?
When you got it all,
you travel the world.
When you've been in
all the hotels,
you're the prima donna
of the penthouse.
And in all hotels the world over,
you want something more.
And because of a woman...
Well, because of love,
I tried something
and I got hooked.
Van Damme, the beast,
the tiger in a cage,
the "Bloodsport"
man got hooked.
I was wasted mentally
and physically.
To the point that
I got out of it.
I got out of it.
It's all there.
It's all there.
It was really tough.
I saw people worse
off than me.
I went from poor to rich and thought,
why aren't we all like me.
Why all the privileges?
I'm just a regular guy.
It makes me sick to
see people...
who don't have what I've got.
Knowing that
they have qualities, too.
Much more than I do!
It's not my fault
if I was cut out to be a star.
I asked for it.
I asked for it,
really believed in it.
When you're 13,
you believe in your dream.
Well, it came true for me.
But I still ask myself today
what I've done on this earth.
I've done nothing!
And I might just die
in this post office,
hoping to start all over
here in Belgium,
in my country,
where my roots are.
Start all over with my parents
and get my health back,
pick up again.
So I really hope...
nobody's gonna pull a trigger
in this post office...
It's so stupid to kill people.
They're so beautiful!
So, today, I pray to God.
I truly believe
it's not a movie.
It's real life.
Real life.
I've seen so many things.
I was born in Belgium,
but I'm citizen of the world.
I've traveled a lot.
It's hard for me to
judge people
and it's hard for them...
not to judge me.
Easier to blame me.
Yeah, something like that."

e o original em francês,

domingo, 1 de março de 2009